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Your Business Is Not Waste Management.
Ours Is.

One of the most significant issues impacting the global industry and economy today is related to waste and sustainability management. We offer solutions for both.

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As the industry's waste, recycling, and sustainability vanguard, Waste Cost Solutions helps you set realistic goals for significantly reducing the waste your business produces. Many facets of your business has a direct impact on your overall disposal costs. You may or may not know what all of these factors are. That's ok, because we do.
Our team of Waste Agents will determine and design a custom, cost-efficient waste program that best fits your business' profile and meets all of your waste and recycling objectives. Once implemented and managed properly, you'll have the peace of mind knowing that you will always be in compliance with all mandatory recycling laws and you will never, spend more than what is absolutely necessary to properly and efficiently dispose of your trash. 
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Waste Cost Solutions is a waste management one-stop shop; providing all inclusive, sustainable disposal solutions to some of our country’s leading businesses and industries. Our sustainability services merge consulting, together with operational experience and expertise to help businesses move forward on their path toward sustainable success and waste cost savings. We leverage and negotiate thousands of nationwide, multi-location waste management contracts everyday and manage every detail of each location's services. Whether you're responsible for one location or over a thousand, you're never more than a phone call away from Waste Cost Solutions.  Our Waste Agents maintain valuable and productive relationships with our clients' operations departments seeking compliance and cost-effective facility waste diversion and disposal. Our customers are national organizations in the restaurant and hospitality industry, as well as industrial, commercial, and retail property management companies. Our knowledgeable customer service department is committed to not only reducing your costs, but also to creating programs that are customized to fit your business. 

We know the garbage and recycling issues you face, and we know how to solve them. Leave your garbage to us, so you can run your business! • 

Michael Mintz, CEO

Michael Mintz Owner of Waste Cost Solutions 


The Difference Between a Hauler And a Broker; And Why Waste Cost Solutions Is Neither

Hauler [haw-ler]:

Waste Hauler
Commercial trucking company. A hauler will contract a container and services to you for garbage and recycling pick-up. You may or may not know that hauler contracts are often very restrictive and particularly difficult to get out of. Haulers grow their business by securing long-term contracts. Their business is not necessarily consultative and their interests are not always vested with saving you money from their bill. 
We stand between you and the hauler - always.

Broker [brō-ker]:

Waste Broker
A person or group who buys and sells goods or assets for others. A broker can find an inexpensive hauler that they can mark up and still give you a competitive price. They may or may not provide any management or oversight of your services. You'd still be responsible for your hauler service contract and everything the broker may or may not provide; missed pick-up support, hauler termination and replacement, bidding and negotiating, monthly billing audit, 24/7 live agent issue support, etc. The broker is not necessarily a management company.
Waste Agents available 24/7
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Waste Cost Solutions:

Waste Agents that manage all aspects of your trash needs

A firm that specializes in:

  • Contract procurement
  • Ongoing price negotiation
  • Bidding for single or a thousand locations
  • Fast and accurate billing with full disclosure and reporting of detailed price fluctuation
  • Ongoing issue resolution
  • Keeping up with state and county rules and regulations
  • Organizing, administering, and managing another company’s trash, recycling and sustainability services

Our Waste Agents are professionally trained waste, recycling and sustainability management consultants! We are your agent, your hired gun! We manage all aspects of your hauler's contract as well as all services and issues associated with the services they provide; scheduling, logistics, transitions, billing and every issue and headache stemming from your garbage and recycling services. We know what they are and we know how to solve them - TODAY!

Waste Cost Solutions stands between you and all of your garbage and recycling problems and we work directly for YOU and no-one else!

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