To truly manage all aspects of our customers' comprehensive waste and sustainability programs, with immediate problem resolution at significant cost reductions.


We strive for excellence in our jobs - every employee, every position.  We always treat our employees ethically, and with an eye to their business success.  Sustainability is not just our business, it is a social responsibility.


Our services must enrich our customers' operations.  A proactive approach to our customers' business makes us an effective partner.  Innovation and knowledge are essential to effective sustainability programs.  People at WCS are our company's most valuable resource.

Our Pledge

The WCS mission statement, our beliefs, and our values all guide our business development strategies, our corporate behavior, and our relationships with our customers and our suppliers.

Michael Mintz President & CEO


Your operation's needs can change over time. So, it's a good business practice to rethink methods and resources periodically — including how your trash is removed — to make sure they are not only meeting your current needs but also positively impacting your bottom line.

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