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    Junk Hauling

    When you don't have enough junk for a roll-off dumpster or you don't have a truck to get unwanted items to the dump, give us a call.  We will load and haul your junk.

    We are located in Boca Raton, FL., and have 1 truck and 4 dump trailers that we can bring to your site, load your junk and remove it, all at a reasonable price.

    • Construction and Demolition Debris
    • House Clean-outs
    • Garage Clean-outs
    • Storage Unit Clean-outs
    • Cardboard - loose or baled

    Emergency Services

    We offer same day and next day service and can give you accurate pricing if you text us a picture to 561-990-6020, of the junk you need removed.

    • Property Managers
    • Apartment Complex
    • Storage Facilities
    • Realtors


     Items we Haul Away

    We have a wide range of junk that we will haul away for you, here is small list:

    • Furniture
    • Mattresses
    • Yard Waste
    • Tires (with additional cost)
    • Dirt (up to 4 yards)
    • Sand (up to 4 yards)
    • Concrete (up to 4 yards)
    • Roof Tiles (up to 4 yards)
    • Electronics

    Who We Are

    We love to work with property managers and storage facility managers to help remove the trash left behind by previous tenants.  We have been hauling other peoples junk since 2004.  Our team is professional and licensed.  Your junk won't wind up in an unauthorized location, it winds up at the dump.