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What we do for your business

    What you can except from us

    Our Waste Agents are solution specialists that work hard for you and your business.  The two most important goals our Waste Agents have is to solve all of our garbage and recycling issues and save you as much money as possible on your current service levels.  We love what we do and we're very good at it. 

    • Cost Analysis: Using our exclusive SmartService technology, we are able to account for every penny you spend on waste
    • Flat Fee:  If you pay $500 for your service now and we save you $300; that savings is passed directly to you
    • Negotiate:  We are constantly renegotiating contracts and service fees to save you money and protect you from price increases
    • Simple Billing:  Unlike our country's tax code, our billing is simple and available online daily for you to view
    • Leverage:  We have nationwide relationships with haulers and do millions of dollars' worth of business and volume purchasing.  We leverage these relationships to reduce your rates
    • Quick Payment:  We consolidate and pay invoices to haulers within 72 hours of receipt
    • Protection:  We audit and block supplier rate increases and/or fees that are inappropriate
    • Lookout:  Right-sizing your containers so that you are not paying for "air" in your container
    • Expedite:  Individually optimizing pick up schedules at the right time for you; not when your container is half-full and not when your container is over flowing 
    • Vanguard:  Requiring vendor compliance with appropriate insurance certifications and licensing
    • Defender:  Identifying and communicating recycling ordinances and laws
    • Discovering Savings:  Decreasing labor hours required to manage waste in your restaurant
    • Reporting:  Providing comprehensive reporting to track your spending and savings, with adjustments to services to match locations' requirements
    • 24/7 Live Agent Support:  Any day, any time, you can always count on a live agent, never a voice service
    • Issue Management:  From the moment you submit a trouble ticket, you are assigned a specialist that will see it through
    • Hauler Termination:  We reserve the right to, and will, terminate a hauler's services for poor performance
    • Custom Recycling Programs:  We design and modify your recycling programs to maximize efficiency and reduce trash volume
    • Mentors:  We will travel to any of your locations to educate staff about how to properly implement any of our sustainability programs
    • Web Portal:  Our web portal is a great tool for managing your account and trouble tickets from your PC

    All it takes is one phone call or email to get the ball rolling.  Never have to deal with sitting on hold waiting for a hauler to answer about a missed pick-up, or a billing issue.  From that point on, you call or email us and we do all the work.

    No more headaches or lost time from:

    • Missed Pick-ups • Overflowing Dumpsters • Missing Lock Bars • Bad Plugs • Broken Wheels • Hauler Damaged Enclosures • Price Increases • Compliance Fees • Recycling (do you know if you need it?) • Blocked Dumpsters •

    Michael Mintz President and CEO

    Waste Management Services

    As a team, we dedicate our knowledge and experience to achieve substantial reductions on waste removal expenses. We encourage and support businesses that are transitioning to recycling programs and commit to excellent customer service throughout our relationship.

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