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Current Employment Listings

Waste Cost Solutions is  currently looking for a Bidding Associate.

Job Objective:

To obtain best possible bids from haulers for new and existing clients.  Bidding Associate will negotiate with haulers on pricing and contract dates, establish relationships with new haulers, and ensuring positive relationships with current haulers. 

List of Duties/Tasks Critical for Success in the Position

  • Procure bids from haulers for all new and existing customers.
  • Manage hauler relationships to maintain ability to negotiate best contract price.
  • Work with Customer Support Manager to monitor and renegotiate increases.
  • Assist sales department to win new accounts by presenting bids to sales team in a timely manner.
  • Record and file highly-detailed paperwork, utilizing CRM, customer notes, and spreadsheets as required by Customer Support Manager.
  • Follow WCS standards for pricing and guidelines for appropriate management and miscellaneous fees.

Equipment and Skills Required in Position

  • Expert customer relations skills required to keep the WCS reputation and relationships with haulers positive, while procuring best pricing and service options.
  • Strong ability to connect with customers and vendors over the telephone, while exhibiting WCS Mission Statement and Core Values.
  • Professional writing and correspondence skills.
  • Proficiency in Excel and CRM databases.
  • Knowledge of service industry and vendor bid procurement, or equivalent experience.

Reports To:  Customer Support Manager

Cross-Functional Performance

Team relationship required with other Bidding Associates, sales team, and Customer Service Representatives. 

To apply, please send a cover letter and your current resume to: Michael Mintz

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