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Other Services We Provide

    Waste Audit

    We bring a team to your location where we spend a week sorting and weighing all of the trash your location produces.  From there, we come back to our office and compile all of the data and then provide you with a comprehensive report on how best to handle your waste with an eye towards saving you money, and recommendations on how to limit the waste produced.

    Trash Compactors

    We recently rolled out a few test locations with compactors and found that we could take a location that had an 8 yard dumpster being service daily, down to a 4 yard dumpster being service 2 times a week.  This provided the locations with an over 50% savings on their monthly trash services.

    Cardboard Balers

    The improper break down of boxes and other OCC goods has caused an increase in overage fees by the haulers.  To remedy this, we set up a few locations that always had a heavy load of OCC with balers.  The overage charges were eliminated, and in some cases we were able to lower their cost for OCC pickup.

    Trash Enclosures

    Due to our vast knowledge of the waste industry, our team is trained to be able to assist you with creating or upgrading your enclosure to provide you with the perfect enclosure for your location.  

    Dumpster Maintenance

    We understand how important it is that your dumpster is in good repair.  We will intercede with the hauler to make sure that your plugs get replaced, lids get repaired, damaged dumpster are replaced and that your enclosure is properly cleaned.  We have pressure washers that we turn to for deodorizing the container and cleaning the enclosure of accumulated grease and grime to make sure that your Health Inspections go off without a hitch.  The only thing we need from you in this instance is 2 weeks notice.

    Michael Mintz President and CEO

    Waste Consultant

    As a team, we dedicate our knowledge and experience to achieve substantial reductions on waste removal expenses. We encourage and support businesses that are transitioning to recycling programs and commit to excellent customer service throughout our relationship.

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