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Charlene Hoffman

Recent Posts by Charlene Hoffman:

Take Your Kid to Work Day

Waste Cost Solutions has had a fantastic time today sharing the office with some of our staff members children.  Its great having kids around, and we love getting to meet the families of our team members.

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Quick Guide to Office Recycling

How we recycle in the office.  It doesn't take long, but it sure makes a difference.

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Waterway/Park Cleanup with Us

The crew at Waste Cost Solutions would like to meet up with our followers and friends to clean up a park or waterway area.  Who all would like to join us?  Depending on the number of people, we would be willing to supply trash bags, gloves, beverages, and maybe even some t-shirts!  

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Combating Plastic in the Ocean

It was a beautiful weekend, so I decided to take my dogs for a nice walk along the intracoastal.  I have always loved the ocean, it is my place to relax and just be in the moment, and it makes me feel connected to everything.  Imagine my sadness when I saw this:

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10,000 Plastic Bottles and a Mermaid

Yep, a photographer named Von Wong used 10,000 single use plastic bottles and a mermaid to help bring awareness to the hazards of plastic in our oceans.  When you think that the average American uses 167 single use plastic bottles a year, in only 60 years that person will have used 10,000.  

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From Zero Diversion to Zero Waste in 2 Years!

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is now officially a zero waste venue.  Over 90% of the trash created during games is either recycled or composted.  It seems like an impossible task, but it is just about making a few small changes.  It took them working with their vendors, their employees, and their contractor.  They went from the standard paper plates to fiber based plates that could be composted, and one of the most important aspects – training their employees on proper waste handling. 

Topics: food waste reduction zero waste

Using Food Waste to Combat Food Waste

Sounds like a pretty novel concept, but it’s more likely than you know.  Researchers have been working on ways to reduce and eliminate food waste for years.  It seems like they are really onto something.

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Happy Holidays from WCS

40 year old plastic container looks almost new

This image has been making the rounds on social media the past few days, so I decided to do some research to find out just how valid it is.  I was actually surprised to find out that it is legit.  

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