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Case Studies and Resources

Recycling Cigarette Butts

We see them everywhere, cigarette butts littering the ground.  Most people don’t even think about what those filters are made out of, so here we go.  Most filters are made out of acetate cellulose, which is a plastic.  As we all know by now, plastic doesn’t biodegrade or break down for hundreds of years, and even the broken down plastic, just turns into microplastic.  So, up until recently, there has been no “cure” for cigarette butts.

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Restaurant Food Waste Reduction Facts and Tips to Reduce Waste

Waste in the foodservice industry isn’t all that surprising.  What is surprising is the amount of waste that a single restaurant can produce in a year – 150,000 pounds.  The average food waste for a restaurant is between 3.11% and 9.55%, this comes to 4,665 – 14,325 pounds of food waste per year, per location.  That is a LOT of waste, and a lot of money thrown in the trash.

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Take Your Kid to Work Day

Waste Cost Solutions has had a fantastic time today sharing the office with some of our staff members children.  Its great having kids around, and we love getting to meet the families of our team members.

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