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Case Studies and Resources

From Zero Diversion to Zero Waste in 2 Years!

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is now officially a zero waste venue.  Over 90% of the trash created during games is either recycled or composted.  It seems like an impossible task, but it is just about making a few small changes.  It took them working with their vendors, their employees, and their contractor.  They went from the standard paper plates to fiber based plates that could be composted, and one of the most important aspects – training their employees on proper waste handling. 

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Using Food Waste to Combat Food Waste

Sounds like a pretty novel concept, but it’s more likely than you know.  Researchers have been working on ways to reduce and eliminate food waste for years.  It seems like they are really onto something.

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Happy Holidays from WCS

40 year old plastic container looks almost new

This image has been making the rounds on social media the past few days, so I decided to do some research to find out just how valid it is.  I was actually surprised to find out that it is legit.  

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Finland to turn Christmas food waste into fuel

You have to hand it to Finland, as one of the world’s top eco-friendly countries, they have done it again.  A campaign called Kinnkutemppu aims to take the unwanted fat from Christmas hams and turn it into renewable diesel fuel at its Porvoo refinery.  When you consider that ham is the most traditional Christmas food in the area, with almost 7 million kilograms (14,000,000,000 pounds) sold a year.  That is a lot of potential food waste.

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How do you recycle your plastic bags?

We hear it everywhere we turn.  Plastic bags are bad.  In many instances that is the case, but were you aware that it takes less energy to create plastic bags than it does paper bags?  Unlike other plastics, the various types used for plastic bags require specialized collection and processing.  Placing plastic bags in your curbside recycling bin is a no-no.  Yes, we should be using reusable bags, but we all forget from time to time.  Not to worry, most grocery stores actually have bins located outside their stores specifically for plastic grocery bags.

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What is your businesses recycling initiative?

Seeing as our entire business is based off of trash and what to do with it, we love sustainability conscious companies.  We are proud of the fact that very little of our waste goes into a landfill; all of our paper, plastic, glass, etc. is recycled.  So we wanted to share a few of the steps we used to help make our offices as green as possible.(Image from http://www.lcri.net/)

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#GivingTuesday Update

This past Tuesday Michael Mintz and several of the team members of Waste Cost Solutions paid a visit to the Tri-County Animal Shelter with a little bit of early holiday cheer.  Over the past several weeks team members have been bringing donations in preparation of #GivingTuesday.  

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