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Case Studies and Resources

Question and Answers with Michael

We are going to start a new weekly series on YouTube where the owner, Michael Mintz, answers your questions on all things garbage.  Want more ideas on recycling?  Want to know what to do with food waste?  Sustainability?  Now is your chance to get those answers and more.  Please post your questions on our blog between now and Friday, and next week we will post our first video on both YouTube and here on our blog.

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Sustainability in a Box

I don't know about you, but I love watching all of the unboxing videos on YouTube.  There is just something about watching someone so excited about getting a new beauty product or a collectible that they have been wanting that gives me the warm fuzzies. My only real problem with the monthly subscription boxes is all the trash created by the boxes; cardboard boxes, tissue paper, product packaging - it doesn't seem to end.

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Up-cycle Your Boxes for the Holidays

Sitting on a bunch of cardboard boxes?  Here is a cute idea for the holidays.  Turn them into Christmas trees and decorate your office or home.

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Instead of Black Friday Go Blue

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Small Steps to Food Waste Reduction

We are all aware of the need to be more ecologically friendly, both in our businesses and our homes.  We recycle our paper, our plastic, our glass bottles; but what about our kitchen waste?  Have you implemented a recycling program in your home or office for food waste?  It’s not as hard as you might think.  The easiest way is to start small.  We all have someone in our lives who is involved in gardening.  Here is an easy way to help them make their gardens grow, and eliminate more waste from entering the landfills.

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