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Go Environmentally Proactive and Raise Your Company's Profile

As federal and state regulations regarding recycling practices and disposal of wastes increase, businesses would be wise to go environmentally proactive, says Michael Mintz, CEO of Waste Cost Solutions. Citing California's passage last year of a Mandatory Commercial Recycling law in an effort to limit greenhouse gas emissions, he notes that businesses around the country would be wise to plan in advance for the possibility of environmental legislation in their own communities.

"When you look at the growing number of state and federal laws regarding both commercial and residential waste management, it's easy to see that environmental responsibility is not just a 'nice idea' — it's a permanent trend. A lot of our customers are eyeing the mandatory commercial recycling law in California and asking what they can do to prepare in the event that similar regulations come to their own states," he says. "I see this as a great public relations opportunity for retailers, restaurants and other businesses, actually — an opportunity to raise their profile in their communities by proactively implementing best waste management practices."

Actions like recycling and composting help the environment and local communities by reducing the contribution to already-overcrowded landfills, decreasing pollution, and contributing to the use of sustainable resources. When these actions become an integral part of a company's culture, owners and employees can take pride in knowing they are making a difference, local and globally. In turn, the communities that are home to these companies will reflect that pride.

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