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Rental Contracts for Commercial Dumpsters — What You Need to Know

Like most rental services,contracting for a commercial garbage dumpster to be placed and serviced on your premises involves certain decisions that need to be made in advance. Considerations include:
•  types of waste materials your office building, retail center or restaurant generates
•  whether or not you have recyclable items
•  the ability to sort certain recyclables

Answering these questions will help you decide the size of container needed and frequency of pick-up. Once you make those decisions, then it's time to look at the terms of the dumpster contract.  A commercial dumpster rental service agreement specifies the terms and conditions of your contract. As a prospective customer, you should look for clear language and instructions regarding:
•  pricing
•  payment
•  usage
•  location of and access to the dumpster
•  length of contract
•  delivery and pick-up dates

A well-executed contract will spell out in detail the requirements regarding use of the dumpster (acceptable vs. non-acceptable or hazardous materials, overfilling, damage to the container), payment terms including late fees or other penalties, and guarantee of payment. Many contracts in the industry do not limit the price from increasing. When reviewing a garbage service agreement, look carefully at statements regarding price increases.  They should not be arbitrary.  

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